My insecurities are eating me up.

— sad thing is, I'm allowing them to

23rd June, MondayReblog
i think you’re forgetting, so i’ll make you remember;

my eyes were never empty since you came. it’s full of you and it seek only you. if in any case you find it empty, maybe because you aren’t there, too. my lips never tasted lonely nor did it sound lonely when it muttered your name, you are the happiest word ever known, or better yet you make me the happiest. i was unknown. i was a useless word, i didn’t mean any at all until you gave me one. i was a stone in a desert. i was nothing until you picked me up. i was a vague dusted space in an old sad city until you chose me and made me home. you lit up a fire inside of me, a good fire that does not burn me into ashes. a fire that keeps me alive. a fire that makes you and me.  you’re my only love. i hope you don’t pour water and drown me. please don’t forget

that i love you, always.

22nd June, SundayReblog

What If I Leave | Rachel Yamagata

9 listens

20th June, FridayReblog

having nothing to say terrifies you the most. not because you feel like you are being judged or belittled. not because you couldn't fight anymore. not because you thought it's pointless. but because you gave up too much of you already that nothing fills you up anymore. you gave up too much and instead of giving you some they beg for more.

20th June, FridayReblog

he always tell you to leave once you tell him that you’re tired; why not do your best first? why not eat all the flaws and swallow all those pride? why not do everything you can for everything to be fine? am i not worth it? am i really not worth the fight?

20th June, FridayReblog

Why settle for someone who hurts you? Why settle for someone who's just full of words? Why settle for someone who's full of what if's but doesn't do a thing? Why settle for someone who's eyes are full of goodbyes?

19th June, ThursdayReblog

I want to go home, but where is home?

13th June, FridayReblog
songs to listen to
  • the last day on earth — kate miller-heidke
  • love of my life — queen
  • myth — beach house
  • set me on fire — bella ferraro
  • 1901 — birdy
  • i’ll never forget you — birdy
  • skinny love — bon iver
  • try to remember — the brothers four
  • safe and sound — capital cities
  • quelqu’un m’a dit — carla bruni
  • arms — christina perri
  • fix you — coldplay
  • don’t you remember — adele
  • yellow — coldplay
  • dreams — the cranberries
  • the blower’s daughter — damien rice
  • symphonies — dan black
  • still — daughter
  • needle in the hay — elliot smith
  • when i was a young girl — feist
  • graveyard — feist
  • ashes and wine — a fine frenzy
  • never let me go — florence and the machine
  • dog days are over — florence and the machine
  • say something — a great big world
  • lie to me — greg laswell
  • and then you — greg laswell
  • comes and goes — greg laswell
  • open season — high highs
  • each coming night — iron & wine
  • cavalier — james vincent mcmorrow
  • heartbreak warfare — john mayer
  • somewhere only we know — keanne
  • all i want — kodaline
  • speechless — lady gaga
  • gone — lianne la havas
  • everything — michael bubble
  • it’s over — milosh
  • woke up new — the mountain goats
  • don’t know why — norah jones
  • according to you — orianthi 
  • it’s too late — otis redding
  • st. clarity — the paper kites
  • nothing like you and i — the perishers
  • trying to be cool — phoenix
  • i don’t have time to be in love — priscilla ahn
  • don’t — rachel yamagata
  • elephants — rachel yamagata
  • over and over — rachel yamagata
  • what if i leave — rachel yamagata
  • collide — rachel yamagata
  • worn me down — rachel yamagata
  • easy — rasclal flatts
  • samson — regina spektor
  • better — regina spektor
  • berlin — RY X
  • sad dream — sky ferreira 
  • there is a light that never goes out — the smiths
  • your ex-lover is dead — stars
  • sweet disposition — the temper trap
  • swans — unkle bob
  • oo — up dharma down
  • just not each other — william fitzsimmons
  • 그대만 있다면 — loveholic
6th June, FridayReblog
slykherin asked: 11 27. :-)

If you could go back to any point and time and do things differently, where would you go and why would you change things?
When I was around 1 to 5 years old, I should have followed my Grandma when she asked me to stop running outside the house. Hindi siguro ako ganito kamiserable ngayon.

Favorite curse word(s)?
They’re words to me that are not supposed to be liked nor be favorited.

4th June, WednesdayReblog

toshir0u asked: 42 :)

What do you want to do with your life?
I hate this question, haha. The truth is, I don't know. I have no idea of what I really want. That's why I'm here. That's why I'm still here. Figuring out some stuff.

4th June, WednesdayReblog

I took care of myself.

— because nobody ever did.

2nd June, MondayReblog
Anonymous asked: You don't write much lately..

I don’t know. I have nothing to write about, yet.

26th May, MondayReblog

when everything is not what it seems anymore

i see withering leaves in a fruitful tree
i hear unending agonies in one beautiful melody
i notice the crack in your heart when i see you smile
even the coldness in your hollows, i know you don’t feel the same.
children’s laughter don’t seem happiness
more of like echoes in a forgotten bridge
full of ghosts, swallowed by death
in a memory lost
in the one’s that is left;

and then i realized,
everything is a mirror—
i am what it reflects.

19th May, MondayReblog