"Only ever in dreams I wrap my arms around you.
 And standing in the water with me
I can tell you what I wanna tell you
 And I hope it’s not just a bad dream
Hope it’s not just a sad dream.”

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20th September, SaturdayReblog

  1. When I’m with people, I am anyone. When I’m with strangers, I am myself. Oddly, yes, but I am more comfortable when I don’t know the person and that person does not also know me.
  2. I read a lot of books; mostly novels. What interests me the most are those novels that tell about reality: the pain, the sufferings of people and their thoughts, their dying hopes, their broken dreams, and both their happiness and loneliness. I also love watching documentaries about the world, outer space, nature, and people.
  3. I seldom look at the mirror. Sometimes, I like what I see; sometimes, I don’t. Sometimes I see a girl full of everything; sometimes I see a girl full of nothing.
  4. The truth is, I don’t see much of me in this world. I’m like a girl who just happen to pass by, but I, myself, wanted to make this “passing by the world” worthwhile to me and to the other people I meet here.
20th September, SaturdayReblog
You will always be one of my regrets.
2nd September, TuesdayReblog

’Used to’ is the loneliest sound I have ever heard.

23rd August, SaturdayReblog

Nobody saves me because they think I’m the hero. But I’m not.

3rd August, SundayReblog

i cried not because i am tired
i cried because i love you so much i will fight

18th July, FridayReblog

They loved each
other so
much that
they had
to break up.

13th July, SundayReblog

You complain about your sadness and yet you’re so afraid to be touched. Why so? You make people give up. Complain oh not afterwards, you don’t have the right. Everyone’s having a hard time. Why make it harder? If you want to stop and leave, then tell them so. Stop eating all the things that you should’ve let out. Stop kissing misery. Stop, just stop. Why are you so afraid? We’re going to die anyway. Why are you so afraid?

13th July, SundayReblog
Anonymous asked: BGM? :(

Love Of My Life played by Ms. Andre’u Dareen; The Snow Is Falling In My Heart, from the soundtrack of Tree of Heaven; Time Forgets by Yiruma; It’s Too Late by Otis Redding. Smile now, lovely one.

13th July, SundayReblog

Don’t make them realize that you’re never worth it.

— how then? because really, i’m not

12th July, SaturdayReblog
because it can’t be me

I’m sorry I took you for granted.
I’m sorry I’m taking you for granted.
I’m sorry I will still take you for granted.

Until somebody won’t.

30th June, MondayReblog

Dont  | Rachel Yamagata

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29th June, SundayReblog

You were never my priority. Since when did I choose you?

27th June, FridayReblog
My insecurities are eating me up.

— sad thing is, I'm allowing them to

23rd June, MondayReblog